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Default Re: DDoS Protected Servers

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Manufacturing in Nigeria
October 16, 2013 |
Filed under: Columnists |
Author: Tayo Fagbule
The watch making industry, past and present, is a most convenient chronological narrative for Nigeria’s go-slow industrial development. For intrepid Nigerian entrepreneurs and future industrialists the history of watch making offers lessons, because whether we admit it or not, it has an 18th century turn of
Let’s start from the present. In 2012, Africa recorded the highest growth in the importation of timepieces made in Switzerland, based on data compiled by the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry. The total value of watches exported was SFr 21.4bn ($$$); mechanical watches were solely responsible for growth but gold watches accounted for over 94 percent of total watch exports by value. Asia (China and Hong Kong) is the largest markets for Swiss Made watches, with Hong Kong in pole position.Fake Rolex Watches
Several disruptive inventions: the quartz crystal, the digital watch and clocks on mobile phones have tried the resilience of watchmaking. Still, the market for Swiss Made mechanical watches, as articles of taste and status, remains hardy.Replica Rolex Watches
China’s export of watch making products in 2012 was the equivalent of $5.1bn. It directly exported 662.5 million finished watches, a bit lower than it did in 2011 but retained its position as the world’s largest exporter of timepieces, in terms of volume.replica watches
Can Nigeria, with its abundant human and natural resources, replicate this? Can we profitably employ 11 million youth who are neither in school nor active in the labour market in light manufacturing? Can well managed companies turn leather from the north, cash crops from the west, east and south, into a shoe and agribusiness industry?luxury watches online
*The World Bank reports that “Industrialization can begin rapidly by targeting promising sectors with modest skill requirements.” Take, shoe manufacturing for instance. Within two weeks inexperienced workers can learn to operate sewing machines.Replica Rolex Watches
In terms of cost, the average export price of watches from China was $3, 50 percent higher than in 2011. Watches bearing the “Swiss Made” trademark are the priciest; their average export price was $739, 8 percent more than the previous year. (The no frills Casio mechanical watch, which I bought last year, was cased in China).
Ironically, in 1874 the Cornell Watch Company set up shop in San Francisco to take advantage of Chinese labour. It failed within a year. Today, Chinese demand for Swiss watches is rising, so too is expert customer service, but talent is scarce. Patek Philippe opened its first workshop outside of Geneva in Shanghai last September.
Besides, there is a market for Zurich-designed but China-made watches.
Watchmakers are adopting the model Apple used for the iPhone – China is now a source of cheaper components and labour that can match Swiss quality; a manufacturing system that originated in the US.
Cheap “Dollar” watches, first manufactured in 1890s by the Waterbury Watch Company in the US, are a vital part of America’s “peculiar” innovation. It is the story of interchangeable parts, standardisation and division of labour. An ecosystem of apprentice mechanics and machinists and tinkers that became inventors, venture capitalists, patents and benign insolvency laws caused a manufacturing contagion: a mass production factory system that spread to the manufacture of shoes, clothes and watches which though inelegant were cheap, practical and useful.
In “The Watch Factories of America, Past and Present: A Complete History of Watchmaking in America from 1809 to 1888 Inclusive” we find protagonists of watchmaking such as Aaron Dennison. He foresaw the mass manufacture of wristwatches using interchangeable parts.
In 1846, furnished by his frequent visits to Eli Whitney’s armoury in Springfield, Dennison concluded that mass production of watches was possible. In 1789, Whitney, an inventor, used interchangeable parts to make 10,000 muskets for a federal government contract.
Whitney replaced skilled labour with stamping and cutting machines, substituting machinery, used for manufacturing standardised interchangeable parts, with the custom work of skilled labour. With unskilled workers the parts were assembled into guns. It was this peculiar American innovation that Dennison applied to watchmaking.
In 1849 Dennison and Edward Howard, a friend and veteran watch and clockmaker, convinced it was a profitable undertaking sought Samuel Curtis, a capitalist, who invested $200,000 in the venture.
Dennison spent the initial capital on a tour of England, to observe the watchmaking process and secure supply of materials. Dennison returned certain that the interchangeable system was most convenient for production of watches in the US.
The watchmaking system in England which involved outsourcing “dial-making, jewelling, gilding, motioning, etc, to others, down almost the entire length of the alphabet” came with risks: quality, timely delivery etc.
Besides, the US, at the time, was short on skilled labour. In the mass manufacture of watches, unskilled labourers assembling parts made from machines raised productivity.
Though Dennison’s first venture failed, because the investors were not “bountifully supplied with money”, he went to found the Waltham Watch Company, which in its prime churned millions of wristwatches.
Cities in the environs of Massachusetts, overtime, became a cluster for watchmakers. There Dennison and others with money from several capitalists invented automated machines, tweaked and tinkered and designed, reduced the number of parts for a watch and perfected the production process that resulted in cheap watches like the $1 Waterbury watch.
Rising productivity in the watchmaking industry had to contend with higher wages and high interest rates which made borrowing money to buy new machinery expensive. However, because technological improvements increased productivity and the return on capital, new investments increased. The US economy was characterised by technology efficiency, high wages, high interest rates and rapid growth.
Nigeria’s growth is overly and precariously dependent on oil and has not been matched by employment. Infrequent electricity supply and low human capital development are serious constraints. As assembly plants, for turbines in Calabar and cars in Badagry, come on stream, good economics dictates that scarce resources are applied sparingly and abundant resources generously.
The future is promising. A seismic shift in generation and distribution of electricity supply coupled with the movement towards a market philosophy in agriculture, especially with increasing investment in fertilizers and the emergence of petro-chemical industry, will positively affect output and consumption. Nigeria’s output is estimated to grow by 7 percent in 2014 and 2015.
By:*Tayo Fagbule
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Default Re: DDoS Protected Servers

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Apple sticks with elegance with hire of Angela Ahrendts of Burberry By Heather Somerville Posted:

10/15/2013 03:59:42 PM PDT Updated:

10/15/2013 04:13:38 PM PDT
(FILES) A file picture taken in London on November 9, 2010, shows CEO of Burberry Angela Ahrendts addressing delegates at the Heritage Luxury conference. British luxury fashion group Burberry on Tuesday October 15, 2013, said its long-serving Chief Executive Officer Angela Ahrendts will step down next year to take up a new position with Apple. AFP PHOTO / LEON NEAL/FILESLEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images
More Apple coverage
More Apple news
More about CEO Tim Cook
Market update: AAPL
Apple SEC filings
Company profile: Apple
CUPERTINO -- Apple ( AAPL ) has hired Burberry Chief Executive Angela Ahrendts to head up its retail division, a move that signals the tech giant won't compromise on elegance and luxury even as it tries to expand into overseas markets and attract more middle-income consumers.<a href="">tiffany</a> Apple announced Monday that Ahrendts will join the company in the spring as senior vice president of retail and online stores, where she will oversee store expansion and operation as well as retail design efforts. Ahrendts' hire fills a yearlong vacancy and brings much-needed leadership and stability to Apple stores, which have been without a top executive since former retail chief John Browett was canned last October, experts said tiffany & co Ahrendts will become the only top-level woman executive at the company, reporting directly to CEO Tim Cook, and ****ysts expect her salary to be one of the most generous Apple has ever doled out. Apple did not release her outlet store Her move from Burberry to Apple gives investors the much-needed assurance that Apple has plans to take retail and design to the next jewelry "For Apple to convince her to leave, she must have pretty strong faith in where she thinks the company is going,"said A.M. "Toni" Sacconaghi Jr., a senior research ****yst for Sanford C. Bernstein &amp; and co outlet Ahrendts' departure from U.K.-based Burberry is a demotion, if only in job title, and pulls her away from one of her greatest professional successes. Ahrendts is credited with Burberry's turnaround from a stale clothing line to one of the most recognizable luxury brands in the world, sported by celebrities and mentioned in one of rapper Jay-Z's most popular tunes.<a href="">cheap tiffany</a> Ahrendts has made no secret of her admiration for Apple, and in a media interview in 2010 she called the company a leader in design and innovation that Burberry looked up to.In a statement released Monday by Apple, she said: "I have always admired the innovation and impact Apple products and services have on people's lives and hope in some small way I can help contribute to the company's continued success and leadership in changing the world."Apple has more than 360 retails stores, and is adding about 30 to 40 per year, most of them outside the U.S. Among Ahrendts' first tasks will be to improve Apple's performance in China, where Apple sales have slowed. The company has just eight stores in that country. Ahrendts has considerable experience in China, where Burberry is one of the leading luxury fashion brands, outperforming others through an active social media presence and digital marketing strategy.Apple employees have complained of layoffs and having their hours cut, and some experts say customer service at the stores has suffered. Bringing customer service back up to the high quality it used to have is one of the tasks Ahrendts will face."If you go into Tiffany's or you go into a Burberry or you go into a Chanel, people will come to help you, and no one is selling you," said Robert Passikoff, branding expert and founder and president of Brand Keys. "That was always the experience of the Apple store."The new hire also signals Apple's move toward more wearable gadgets, which may expand to include more jewelry and head pieces, said Danielle Levitas, a senior ****yst at IDC. Tasteful design, she said, will be a critical part of weather or not Apple succeeds in that market."What they need is someone like (Ahrendts) to say 'No woman is every going to wear that,'" Levitas said. "They're not just making tech gadgets for tech geeks."But the fusion of luxury fashion with iPhones and iPads leads some ****ysts to question Apple's commitment to serving a lower-income market, despite the company's promises of making cheaper gadgets."This signals that they are not going to cheapen the brand just to expand their market," Levitas said.Apple has long been criticized for its price points, which are often out of reach for many U.S. consumers and most in the developing world.Burberry handbags sell for $2,000 to $3,000 -- not exactly pocketbook-friendly. But Ahrendts brings with her a familiarity with luxury retail marketing that will help preserve Apple's image as the must-have tech brand. "If you feel as a consumer that you're better than other people because you have some of these things ... it's worth the premium to go buy it," said Roger Kay, president of Massachusetts-based Endpoint Technologies Associates "Ahrendts is coming to Apple to make sure it remains a premium brand."In a statement posted on the Apple website, Cook said Ahrendts "shares our values and our focus on innovation, and she places the same strong emphasis as we do on the customer experience. She has shown herself to be an extraordinary leader throughout her career and has a proven track record." Contact Heather Somerville at 510-208-6413. Follow her at Apple's New Retail Head Angela Ahrendts Current Position: CEO of Burberry since 2006 New Position: Senior vice president of retail and online stores for Apple, reporting directly to CEO Tim Cook, starting spring 2014 Past: President of Donna Karan International, executive vice president of Liz Claiborne Age: 53 Hometown New Palestine, Ind. Education: Ball State University, Indiana Print
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Default Re: DDoS Protected Servers

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There&#39;s Finally Going to Be a Lego Watch Collection For Adults
Lego has had a line of watches for a few years now, but the designs were decidedly targeted at kids. And since the building toy probably has as many adult fans as children who love it, Lego will be releasing a new line of watches this November with designs geared more towards its grown-up
That being said, no one is going to mistake any of the styles in the new line as being a Rolex or a TAG Heuer. Bright colorful plastics still dominate the motif for these new timepieces, which will come in both ****og and digital designs.Fake Rolex Watches
Officially referred to as the Lego Watch System, the new adult designs will share a common trait with the previous kids' models in that the links that make up the watches' straps can be disassembled and mix and matched between designs. So if the new additions aren't already colorful enough, you can buy a couple of them—ranging in price from $85 to $185—and then further customize them to your heart's content. After all, Lego's all about making your own creations. [ Lego Watches via A Blog To Watch ]cheap watches sale
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Default Re: DDoS Protected Servers

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Home FZ.COM The Edge Property The Edge Singapore The Edge Review The Edge Galerie Subscribe
Hot Stock: Boustead Heavy&nbsp; jumps&nbsp; 8% on RM9b defence contract
Mid-morning Market: KLCI edges up as US shutdown worries dissipate
Hot Stock: Favelle Favco rises 4.5% on crane orders
Market Open: KLCI stages mild rebound, select blue chips lift
A heady mix
Written by Elaine Lau of The Edge Malaysia
Thursday, 12 September 2013 00:00
<p>SINGAPORE's historic Chinatown has come full circle. <strong><a href="">chinese clothing</a></strong> From being the hot spot in the 1950s for literally everything — people came here to get their marketing done, find the latest cheongsam style, meet friends and family over delicious dim sum and celebrate festivals — to then suffering a decline in the Seventies with the onset of modernity, it has emerged again today as a must-visit area of the island nation. <strong><a href="">Chinese clothing</a></strong> Chinatown in Singapore encompasses five districts — Telok Ayer, Bukit Pasoh, Tanjong Pagar, Kreta Ayer and Ann Siang Hill — all of which were designated conservation areas by the Urban Redevelopment Authority in 1989 — a move that was the key to the preservation of the colonial shophouses that still define the landscape today. <strong><a href="">Beautiful Clothes</a></strong> Locals and tourists alike flock there to dine at chic, contemporary restaurants and hip coffee joints, or old school kopitiams and eateries serving traditional local fare; shop at niche retail shops, including some of the oldest businesses in Singapore; socialise at one of the many watering holes; and stay in the various interesting design-oriented boutique hotels. <strong><a href="">The Tang costume</a></strong> Chinatown is a hive of activity, buzzing with renewed energy and vitality that was unheard of just a few years ago. <strong><a href="">The Tang costume</a></strong> Numerous factors have contributed to its revitalisation, from better access to the area provided by the construction of the mass rapid transit (MRT) station there in 2003, to entrepreneurs thinking outside the box, and concerted efforts by the Chinatown Business Association (CBA) and the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) to attract tourists and locals — especially the younger generation — to the area. <strong><a href="">The Tang costume</a></strong> Loh Lik Peng, founder and managing director of Unlisted Collection, is one such visionary entrepreneur. A pioneer in the region for setting up boutique hotels, the lawyer-turned-hotelier's first project was Hotel 1929 in the former red-light district of Keong Saik Road. Converted from a brothel and opened in 2003, Hotel 1929 is renowned for its sophisticated and swanky design. Loh tells Options that he was attracted to the idea of working on a heritage building, and then tried to "make the location work for me". That he certainly did, and others have since followed suit — including the relatively new Naumi Liora, situated right across from Hotel 1929; the Santa Grand Hotel Lai Chun Yuen on Trengganu Street, formerly a Chinese opera house; and The Porcelain Hotel on Mosque Street. Loh himself opened another boutique hotel in Chinatown in 2006 — the New Majestic Hotel in Bukit Pasoh Road. Surrounding these hotels are quirky shops, trendy fashion boutiques and contemporary eateries serving all manner of cuisines. There's French fine dining establishment Andre, trendy Spanish tapas bar Esquina, Mexican taqueria Lucha Loco, hip caffeine joint Oriole Coffee Roasters, and gourmet steak and seafood place Luke's Oyster Bar &amp; Chop House, to name but a few. Watering holes are also aplenty, from clubs and pubs to chic ****tail bars — including a password-access underground bar, deceptively called The Library. What has brought about this interest in setting up shop in Chinatown? Loh weighs in: "I think it's a combination of Singaporeans becoming more aware of these historically important and architecturally rich areas of Singapore, and how culturally unique they are. It's a renaissance a long time in the making, because these areas were seen as old-fashioned and not very cool only a short time ago. "The landlords didn't appreciate these old areas with their shophouses, because they always felt that the heritage status restricted what they could do with them. "However, these historical districts are now among the most expensive in Singapore, and you have really cutting-edge tenants setting up businesses here — from creative agencies to cool retailers and restaurants/bars. The shophouse format has proven to be very adaptable for modern use, and that has been the key to its renewal." But it's not only the new outlets that draw locals and visitors to this area — tucked into the grid-like streets of Chinatown are trusted old-time gems, such as the Tong Ah Coffeeshop, located opposite Naumi Liora on Keong Saik Road, which has been serving up crisp buttered kaya toast and strong Hainanese coffee for several decades. There's also the famous Pek Sin Choon teashop that was established in 1925 on Mosque Street — one of the oldest tea merchants in Singapore, and the Tai Thong Cake Shop a few doors down, founded in 1950 by a Cantonese pastry chef selling a wide range of freshly-baked Chinese pastries. The CBA, working together with STB, also deserves much credit for its efforts to market and brand Chinatown, not only to tourists but more crucially, to the younger generation of Singaporeans, to ensure its relevance and continuity in the future. In 2011, the website was set up as a virtual encyclopaedia on Chinatown, with interactive elements and content on the area's history, food guides, hotels and shopping tips. That same year also saw the launch of the "I love Chinatown Singapore" campaign, with a series of online and social media initiatives on Facebook and Twitter, to encourage young Singaporeans "to make Chinatown a part of their lives", according to the website. "Heritage doesn't have to be stuffy and boring," says Sylvia Ng, marketing communications manager of the Chinatown Heritage Centre, in a press release. "We are creating culture, as we expand Chinatown's presence into the digital world and work our way into the hearts of the younger crowd. This movement will define an intangible part of our heritage, in years to come.” The CBA has also reached out to schools, to encourage them to take their students on day trips to Chinatown, and the sight of schoolchildren exploring this area is not uncommon on a weekday. Last year saw the opening of the Chinatown Visitor Centre at Kreta Ayer Square — an information resource base with a gift shop selling souvenirs, such as the specially-created Chinatown dolls. The centre also offers daily themed walking tours — organised in partnership with travel agent Tour East — that are designed to give visitors a taste of the real Chinatown. If you choose to explore on your own, there are heritage markers placed at numerous interesting historical spots, that provide a short history of the location in three languages: English, simplified Chinese and Japanese. Chinatown's potent mix of the old and new, the mainstream and the offbeat, with a healthy dose of history and heritage, all combine to make for a truly unique destination in Singapore.</p><p> </p>
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Next &gt;Thrilling Premiere
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Sorry, you cannot post a comment unless you are a registered user.</p>
<strong><a href="">The Tang costume</a></strong><br>
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Default Re: DDoS Protected Servers

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SoftBank&#39;s Son buys Tokyo Tiffany building for $326 mln -sources Reuters &ndash; Tue, Oct 1, 2013 1:15 AM EDT
RELATED QUOTES Symbol Price Change TIF 75.44
By Junko Fujita
tiffany TOKYO, Oct 1 (Reuters) - The billionaire founder of tech and
telecoms group SoftBank Corp bought Tokyo's landmark
Tiffany Building for 32 billion yen ($326 million) in one of the
priciest property deals in recent years in Japan, underscoring
the recovery in the real estate market.
tiffany jewelry Masayoshi Son, ranked Japan's second-richest man by Forbes,
outbid sovereign wealth funds and Japanese corporations for the
10-storey glass structure in Tokyo's Ginza luxury shopping
district, which was put on sale by Asia Pacific Land, people
with direct knowledge of the transaction said.
cheap tiffany & co jewelry The building, in Tokyo's Ginza luxury shopping district,
houses the flagship Japan store of jewellers Tiffany & Co
and was designed by architect Kengo Kuma.
tiffany & co It was not immediately clear why Son had purchased the
building, or how he would finance the deal. SoftBank declined to
comment while Asia Pacific Land could not be reached for
tiffany The people close to the deal declined to be identified
because they are not authorised to talk to the media.
wholesale tiffany jewelry The purchase price would yield an estimated capitalisation
rate of 2.6 percent, based on expected future rental income,
well short of the minimum 4 percent that Japan's real estate
investment trusts typically seek.
The capitalisation rate is also reminiscent of the 2 percent
yield on some of the most expensive deals of a property boom in
Japan that peaked in 2006.
"Property funds and real estate trusts need certain returns
so they will stay away from this level of competition," said
Takashi Ishizawa, chief real estate ****yst at Mizuho Securities
"I expect future players could be non-property firms who
want to diversify their revenue sources from their core
Asia Pacific Land, a property investment group operating in
China and Japan, had been seeking a buyer for the Tiffany
Building as Japan's property market rebounded in recent months
on Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's reflationary policies.
But with foreign investors also joining the search for
prospective properties, concerns are mounting that a speculative
bubble may be forming in certain parts of the market.
Aareal Bank AG and Westdeutsche ImmobilienBank
had financed Asia Pacific Land's purchase of the
Tiffany Building in 2010.
Son holds a 21.8 percent stake in SoftBank, Japan's
third-biggest company by market capitalisation.
SoftBank has attracted attention for its bold acquisition
strategy, including this year's $21.6 billion purchase of No.3
U.S. wireless carrier Sprint. The company also holds 36.7
percent of Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba Group.
Related Content Japan's SoftBank says in talks to buy Brightstar stake SoftBank to buy Finnish mobile games maker in $1.5 bln deal SoftBank buys $1.5 billion stake in Finnish mobile games maker Supercell Property developers gain on REIT guidelines Telefonica set to sell $3.6 billion Czech stake: sources Japan PM to vow strong economy, defense in speech Japan shares, dollar up on hopes of U.S. breakthrough Sprint investors need patience, possibly up to two years - SoftBank founder Yahoo, Softbank back Alibaba in HK IPO battle Japan PM says sales tax to increase in April Blackstone nears $40 mln exit from India property deal-sources Blackstone nears $40 million exit from India property deal-sources Japan's inflation-linked bonds attract strong demand Nikkei drops for 2nd day as U.S. government shutdown drags on
tiffany outlet store
<a href="">tiffany outlet locations</a>
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Default Re: DDoS Protected Servers

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Paris Fashion Week: Moncler Gamme Rouge spring/summer 2014
moncler This season, Moncler Gamme Rouge got everything right, with jungle prints deployed on urban garments and a gorilla on the catwalk, too.
BY Luke Leitch |
02 October 2013
Moncler Gamme Rouge spring/summer 2014 collection Photo: Isidore Montag
moncler outlet online Milk Tray Men on zipwires; huskies and waltzing polar bears: Gamme Rouge's last-season show was one of the most entertaining on the schedule. What it lacked, though, were many compellingly wearable clothes: all that fur-trimmed, crystal encrusted Narnia skiwear was a tough call - even for Meribel.
Related articles
Paris Fashion Week spring/summer 2014 blog Paris Fashion Week: Moncler Gamme Rouge autumn/winter 2013
moncler sale This season, however, Gamme Rouge got everything right. First of all, it was within a smidgen of being as engagingly eccentric as the last show. The finale featured blokes in gorilla suits - who doesn't a love gorilla suit? - skating down the creeper-bisected catwalk.
moncler jackets
Photo: AP
moncler jackets outlet During the show street-kids on skateboards carved that catwalk too, and there were male models carrying basketballs and hoisting Moncler backpacks, who were often gym-ripped and shirtless.
<a href="">moncler jackets</a>
From my spot in the second row I could see that this went down
with many prominent female magazine editors - there were many Men's Health-y torso tweets and Instagrams emanating from their Smartphones.
Photos: Isidore Montag
Recreational objectification aside, where this Moncler show really scored was where it matters most: the clothes. This was sports-inspired streetwear haute-d up through its materials and construction, but only rarely made too fiddly to wear. Jungle prints deployed on urban garments included snake and tigerprint, plus a grid of lines that resembled the cracked mud of a dried waterhole. Hoodie-dresses were sometimes peppered with feathers (this was a Paris show, after all) but most of it was ready to wear. Particularly good was a panelled dress that came khaki shouldered, leopard-print at the midsection, then skirted with a flash of high-visibility orange. The menswear, although an aside here, was amongst the best from Moncler I've seen.
This Italian jacket brand already has the connections - Pharrell Williams wears Moncler, and sometimes-designs for it too - to be a big deal brand for urban twentysomethings. This collection showed its clothes are perfectly pitched too.
Marc Jacobs: ‘This was never my intention to be the last show’
House of Versace slam new Donatella Versace biopic
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moncler womens jackets
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Default Re: DDoS Protected Servers

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Default Re: DDoS Protected Servers

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Default Re: DDoS Protected Servers

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Default Re: DDoS Protected Servers

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