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Web Hosting

Hosting Plans & Pricing

You can choose between Unix and Windows Hosting from most Web Hosting Providers. Many hosting providers offer multiple hosting plans with a range of prices, usually as low as $4.99 a month and as high as your service requires.

Most hosting plans include:

  • Multiple gigs (5+) of disk space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Multiple (50+) email accounts
  • Google Adwords, Facebook Credits and Bing Credits
  • Applications such as Drupal, WordPress, Joomla
  • Better discounts based on longer terms, monthly, quarterly, yearly, ordered through online shopping carts
  • SSL certificates and Ecommerce software
  • Shared and Fixed IP address
  • Multiple gigs (5+) of disk space
  • Find our available Hosting plans below:
    Linux Hosting
    Windows Hosting
    VPS Hosting
    Green Hosting

    What is Hosting?

    Hosting (also known as web hosting or web site hosting) is when files are housed, maintained and served for multiple web sites. Hosting providers provide internet bandwidth for those web sites. Companies and individuals use hosting to store publically accessible content on the web, such as images, video or corporate information. Customers rent space and bandwidth for their website on a remote computer. Your web host, which is the computer where your company stores your files, assigns an IP address through DNS for your web files to your domain name. This dns address helps anyone find your web site using your domain name.

    Tophosts.com has showcases of the world’s largest hosting providers, many of which have thousands of hosting customers. You can choose either Windows Hosting or Linux Hosting, and select from many world-class web hosting providers. Many of those web hosting providers offer email, free applications, mysql databases, mssql databases, google adwords, and much more in their hosting packages.

    The hosting providers in our showcases offer cheap web hosting, as many of the web hosts listed own and operate their own data centers, hosting servers, and bandwidth. You can find affordable web hosting through our Linux Web Hosting showcase and our Windows Web Hosting showcase. We also offer Green Hosting and Email Hosting showcases so you can find web hosting products that best suit your company. These hosts can help you build and promote your website, and help you optimize your search engine placement for your domain name.

    Our dedicated servers and virtual private servers are perfect for larger businesses with traffic-intensive web sites. You can run gaming applications, enterprise applications, or run your own development environment. Please check out our VPS Showcase and our Dedicated Showcase to find a server plan that meets your business needs.

    Finally, if your domain is too large for a shared hosting solution, Tophosts offers showcases for Cloud Hosting and Managed Hosting. These offer higher than 99.9% uptime and can handle your site’s high traffic needs.