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Drupal Hosting Providers

Drupal is a popular Content Management System (CMS) that is free of charge. Online CMS solutions are used to easily let multiple people share and work on content at the same time. Many web hosting companies offer free Drupal installers with their hosting plans, making it easy for everyone to get a Drupal web site up and running. Drupal is developed using PHP, a popular scripting language used by many similar applications. It also requires your web hosting provider to include a SQL database (there are many flavours of this including MySQL and Microsoft SQL server) with your web hosting plan. Drupal could be the backbone to some of your favourite web sites, as it is used to power the Grammy’s site (http://www.grammy.com/), Mattel’s web site (http://www.mattel.com/), and even the White House web site (http://www.whitehouse.gov/).

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