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Joomla Hosting Providers

Welcome to our Joomla showcase. Joomla is a Content Management System (CMS) that allows web site developers to easily create web sites to manage the distribution of content to a group of people, as well as allowing you to manage what users can view, edit and create new content at a granular level. Joomla is developed using PHP and MySQL, which makes it a commonly supported solution amongst web hosting providers. Joomla is free to use and most web hosting providers include easy install wizards for Joomla as part of their product offering, making it easy to start your new web site.
Joomla has been used to create web sites for such organizations as IHOP (http://www.ihop.com), Harvard University (http://gsas.harvard.edu/), and IPv6.net (http://www.ipv6.net).

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