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Since 2003, Arvixe has been hosting thousands of personal, small business and enterprise websites with unmatched reliability, quality and affordability. Driven by unparalleled company management and employee dedication, Arvixe displays this proven advantage to customers first-hand on a daily basis.

Backed by a 60-day Money Back Guarantee, 99.9 percent site uptime, and technical support representatives working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Arvixe remains a versatile and trusted Web hosting provider.

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Year Established - 2003
Number of Employees - 30
CEO - Arvand Sabetian
Number of Accounts - 70,000


Arvixe Data Center

By using multiple Tier 1 telecom providers and direct Internet connections, Arvixe bypasses transit networks and shortens the network path between client websites and their visitors. The result is lower latency, maximum speed and unsurpassed reliability.

Parallel, Redundant, Multi-Tiered Network Architecture
Arvixe has built one of the best network routing and switching infrastructures in the industry. Designed without single points of failure, the network operates at full redundancy across multiple layers that contain redundant core routers, core distribution switches and carrier diversity.

State-of-the-art Network Operations Center
Arvixe offers 24x7x365 redundant monitoring capabilities from server-oriented response centers as well as centralized network monitoring from their Network Operations Center (NOC). The NOC has Cisco-certified technical support on duty at all times to rapidly respond to any network problem.

Tier 1 Bandwidth Providers

  • AT&T
  • AboveNet
  • NTT
  • Savvis
  • Global Crossing
  • Level 3
  • Time Warner Telecom

More data center information available at: http://www.arvixe.com/datacenter.php

Arvixe CEO: Arvand Sabetian

TH: What is the chief distinguishing factor in your Web hosting operation that separates it from the competition?

AS: Since day one, I’ve kept lines of communication open between our customers and our staff in as many fashions as possible. We can be reached through email, live chat and phone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even during holidays. On top of that, we employ some of the best personnel in the hosting industry. Our recruitment process is designed around bringing those who can truly benefit our customers the most and we are proud to see its effect on a daily basis. Even at our current larger size, our customers have direct access to the highest level of management through our QA mail box (qa .at. arvixe.com) and phone extension/voicemail (3). Many customers also email me email me directly to get a response in regards to something that needs my immediate attention. Not many companies with 100+ staff members can say that.

The combination of open communication with caring staff members fosters an environment that not only caters to customers' issues in the best manner possible, but also fuels development of the products our customers are looking for in the future.

TH: What are the Top 3 elements of your Web hosting company that your customers are most impressed with?

AS: Support. Quality. Availability.
Per the above response, we do care greatly about support and our single aim at all times is to address all customer requests in a quick, high quality manner. Quality refers to the actual product offering. We truly do take pride in the type of product we put forth, be it shared hosting, vps or dedicated.

Therefore, every decision we make that affects our product has to increase both the value of the product as well as the affordability. Lastly, we are one of the very few companies out there that has successfully begun providing both linux and windows hosting in the shared, vps and managed dedicated markets.

Considering the difference in the two different types of product, it is quite an undertaking to provide our customers with a high value, low cost product in both categories of linux and windows ~ and we've done it.

TH: If you could change ONE thing about your Web hosting business what would it be?

AS: It's not so much what I would change specifically at Arvixe but rather what I would like changed in the industry. The industry has in large, adopted a very broad definition for Cloud hosting which ultimately hurts the customer and in the end leaves the provider of this "cloud" hosting with an angry customer and a bad reputation. By being up front and honest with the customers, Arvixe gains many more benefits in the added reputation than what our competition has gained by using buzzwords which have little meaning in their marketing efforts.

TH: Arvixe was recently listed as the fastest growing hosting company on the Inc500. What are the key reasons for the company's growth? How does Arvixe plan to maintain that momentum?

AS: Our growth has been fueled by staying true to our goal of providing the highest quality hosting products at the lowest prices possible.

The momentum can only be maintained via the same path that got us here - Quality products, and making every effort to be a one stop shop for our customers. We'll need to continue to work hard to reach out to the consumers out there that are looking for quality hosting services and make sure that their needs are taken care of at all times.

TH: What services are most in demand or gaining the most market traction from customers currently? Are there any new services being planned or any new hosting packages under development?

AS: Our core services remain our PersonalClass (linux) and PersonalClass ASP (windows) shared hosting. We recognize the need for quality affordable hosting in the marketplace. And even to date, there is no better way to truly achieve this but with shared/virtual hosting. So we spend hundreds of hours a month, looking to improve the quality and value of our shared hosting service and to drive down the price of it.

We are always evaluating new technology to identify the feasibility of providing a more reliable and/or lower cost service to our customers.

More Testimonials available at http://www.arvixe.com/arvixe_reviews

“I have actually upgraded to a higher level account because they are so great. The 3 best assets are Price, Support and Uptime and Arvixe Performs amazingly.”

Andrew Fielding

“Very few businesses know the meaning of customer service, but Arvixe is the cream of the crop when it comes to it. ”

Vincent DePersio

“Arvixe LLC helps us maintain the promise we deliver to our customers with excellent server support along with customer service that is second to none compared to our experience with other server vendors.”

Tim Paul

“When I recommend something to a friend, colleague or a client, that product or service has to be on the mark, Arvixe is on the mark.”

Michael Candarini