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CWCS Managed Hosting is a globally renowned UK managed hosting provider, specialising super fast and highly available dedicated servers, cloud hosting and managed hosting services since 1997. We host thousands of web sites and many more domains; our clients world-wide include multi-national and household names, PLCs as well as private companies and individuals. Recognised for quality and reliability, we are a privately owned company with our own network and systems.

Our state-of-the-art data centres consists of the latest technology that makes us ahead of our nearest competitors. We proactively monitor and manage our own network, which is designed around maximum resiliency and redundancy. We believe having an online business is all about being online, and we work hard to maintain this. With a growing client base we aim to provide the best service in the industry.

Custom Tailored Solutions
We offer flexible managed solutions to meet client needs, with packages ranging from UK web hosting to cloud hosting and dedicated servers. It is backed by professional, expert and friendly 24/7 technical support and customer service which allows you to take advantage of the latest technology available to make your web site work for you.
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CEO - Karl Mendez
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  • Web Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Colocation
  • Hybrid Hosting Solutions
  • Complex Hosting

  • CWCS Data Center

    Our UK data centre is one of the very finest managed hosting data centres in the UK. We ensure 24/7 availability for crucial to mission-critical internet operations, featuring Linux and Windows web hosting for our clients.


    Our server room allows us to host thousands of servers. Our network consists of multiple connections, Cisco routers, fully switched network rack cabinets and high quality hardware. It houses client dedicated and co-located servers and our systems. We can host both rack-mounted and free standing servers.

    CWCS CEO: Karl Mendez
    Q. What is the chief distinguishing factor in your Web hosting operation that separates it from the competition?

    A. We believe our most powerful distinguishing factor is our flexibility. We are a developer's solutions provider, and we are flexible on the plans and packages that we offer. This means that our customers can enjoy a specifically and uniquely configured set-up and we configure and support this. Most hosts cannot be as flexible as we are.

    Q. What are the Top 3 elements of your Web hosting company that your customers are most impressed with?

    A. The quality of our technical support - we are very proud of this. We offer a really high-speed technical support response. We aim to respond to all customer queries within two hours.

    We only employ skilled support staff, who have Level 2 and Level 3 technical abilities.

    Project Manager is assigned to customers in most cases, and we offer a single point of contact on most packages. Customers always like this as it simplifies the process of contacting us and gives our Project Managers the chance to build up a personal relationship with the customers.

    Also, competitively priced feature-rich plans. We offer a range of fully managed plans, which we price extremely competitively.

    Q. If you could change ONE thing about your Web hosting business what would it be?

    A. The one thing about our business that we would like to change is related to our plans, which we will introduce, to support different languages. Within 18 months, we intend to provide support in French, German and Spanish.

    …we have found the uptime to be exceptional

    Herbalife Europe has been working with CWCS on various projects for the past 2 years.

    Most recently, we have used the CWCS services to host some of our European Web assets, and to build capability for a Europe wide Distributor emailing service.

    Herbalife has found CWCS affordable, quick to react to challenges and very reliable. Some of our assets generate very large volumes of traffic and we have found the uptime to be exceptional.

    Roger Martin

    Herbalife Europe Limited

    …the service and professionalism at CWCS is first class

    When I joined the Mild Group there was a lot amiss in terms of the Web based services and email transmission. It was clear after my first visit to CWCS that they take a different approach. They invested time to discuss my business, what my objectives and goals for the business were and where the Web Hosting and managed services might help.

    The service and professionalism at CWCS is first class. They delivered a quality service from the initial brief through to providing us with a fresh new approach to our Web based services and email infrastructure.

    Everyone at CWCS is very easy to get on with; in particular, “the customer support team” offers the best level of service I have received to date.Thanks.

    Emeka Agunwamba

    St. Luke’s Hospital Group A Division Of Mild Professional Homes Ltd