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Host Gator

Founded in 2002, Hostgator.com, LLC has quickly grown from its humble beginnings in Boca Raton, Florida into one of the most respected names in the web hosting industry.

Renowned for exceptional customer support and unrivaled in terms of customer satisfaction, Host Gator is poised to take the lead in the highly competitive and densely populated world of web hosting providers.

"Provide reliable service, superior support, and affordable pricing to businesses and individuals seeking quality shared, reseller, or dedicated web hosting solutions."

Top 25 Hosting Provider

Company Overview Additional Facility Photographs

Year Established - 2002
Number of Employees - 800
CEO - Brent Oxley
Number of Accounts - 7.5M+


HostGator provides services that target a wide range of users, from the amateur web designer, to the avid business owner. Anyone can find a hosting plan and pricing structure to match their needs with HostGator.

  • Shared Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • SEO Multiple C-Class Hosting
  • Domain Registration

When you are looking for the highest quality in support, uptime, and speed, HostGator is your number one choice. Our team has over forty support veterans that are here to assist you 24/7/365 by chat, phone, and ticket system. Many companies claim to offer this type of support and customer satisfaction but not many are willing to prove it.

Host Gator Data Center

HostGator servers are located in The Planet Data Centers. HostGator is the largest Web Hosting Provider of ThePlanet, whom provides service to 22,000 businesses worldwide.

With multiple state-of-the art data centers located in Dallas and Houston, Texas, The Planet provides On Demand IT Infrastructure backed by complete redundancy in power, HVAC, fire suppression, network connectivity, and security. So if any data center experiences a disruption for any reason, your eggs (or servers) are never in one basket.

Currently 147,000 square feet of data center space is available in six facilities, an additional 30,000 square feet of data center space under construction. Each facility is wholly owned, managed and operated by The Planet and is equipped to handle any challenge.

HostGator guarantees that your site will be up 99.9% of the time. This guarantee includes both network and server failures. If your site isn't up 99.9% in any one month we will issue a full refund for the month. If you are unhappy with your service anytime within 45 days, you may cancel your account and request a refund in full.

Back-Up Systems
HostGator provides weekly backups of all accounts to off-server locations. The Planet provides redundant network cores in multiple data centers, which means that if a router or high-level network appliance goes down for any reason, there is no loss of service.

Host Gator CEO: Brent Oxley
Q. What is the chief distinguishing factor in your Web hosting operation that separates it from the competition?

A. At Host Gator we believe our superior customer support sets us apart from the competition. Our Phones are available 24/7 with highly trained Web Hosting professionals. Our Live Chat backs up our Phone Support with 24/7 accessibility to those who are unable to reach us by phone, or have a quick question they'd like answered. For more advanced issues, we have a ticket system available by email. This system has an average reply time of under an hour which is unheard of in the Industry. At Host Gator we are always available, and always ready to attend to the needs of our customers.

Q. What are the Top 3 elements of your Web hosting company that your customers are most impressed with?

A. Speed, Support, and Reliability.

With over 6 years of experience under our belts, we have fine tuned our servers to be the fastest possible. We have some of the most intelligent and talented System Administrators in the industry managing our services, these veterans have spend each day keeping our servers in top condition. Because of this, we have managed to provide extraordinary services, at great prices, without giving up any of the 100% reliability our customers demand.

We provide the best customer support in the industry, with 24/7 phones, chats, and tickets. Because of the high demands in providing these services we are constantly hiring more system administrators, billing technicians and tech support gurus to handle the fast growing needs of our customers. As we continue to grow, we continue to hire the best employees in this field to back up our name and promise.

Our customers report that these three factors are most important in making their hosting experience with Host Gator unparalleled in the Web Hosting Industry.

Q. If you could change ONE thing about your Web hosting business what would it be?

A.Host Gator always searches for ways to improve our service. We value our customer feedback and as a result we continually update and train our staff, hire more staff where necessary, add more features to our hosting packages and constantly look to improve everything we do.

…I did an incredible amount of research before finally choosing HostGator
What I discovered in my research were customers raving about the HostGator customer service. They told personal stories of incredibly fast phone and email response times.


…Server uptime has been very good
HostGator has hosted my domain name for over a year now. It is on the Baby Croc web hosting package plan. I like the unlimited mysql databases and unlimited addon domains so I can add more domain names in a hurry if one of my other web hosts has problems. C-panel control panel is loaded with everything I could need. Server uptime has been very good.


…Everything has worked when, and the way, it’s supposed to
I have been with HostGator approximately 18 months. I have noticed no interruption in service. I have a reseller account (Aluminum). My “customers” are all various ministries that I have donated space to. I haven’t had a single complaint from them either. C-panel and WHM are great. Everything has worked when, and the way, it’s supposed to.


…They are both affordable and reliable
I found HostGator on Google while searching for reseller hosting and reseller hosting programs. They are both affordable and reliable. The uptime I have had on my reseller web hosting is simply amazing!

Shawn Appleton

“Once I searched for good hosting….and my friend gave me advice – buy Network Solutions hosting! But people, I got no response from their support – NO EMAILS!! They are just horrible. No advanced features, slow control panels, slow servers, email bugs and more. They say that they have Money Back Guarantee – But they just don’t reply your emails!

After that I searched in google to see what people say about hosting companies. I decided to try Host Gator, because of the great feedback they have on many forums.

Now I really understand what hosting is! Host Gator is the most professional hosting I have ever had. They are stable, and have superb support (and it is really SUPPORT, great cpanel, lots of features, no email bugs, antispam features and more.)

Bravo and keep going.”

Alex Pavliga

“I switched from Yahoo to Hostgator after discovering it on the web last January 2007. Anytime I run into a problem, the staff here responds to my tickets right away. They are very friendly and prompt. I run an online Tv network, using the Swamp Package, and I have to say what a great job hostgator has done here. Very fast server and zero downtime. I use google to host all my videos, but it looks like hostgator works with everything and I have to just say, I hope Hostgator keeps up the good work!”