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Since opening our doors in the UK in 2001, Hostway has been committed to bringing the power of the Internet to our customers across the globe with innovative and easy-to-use products that are supported by unmatched customer service. One of the top-five leading Web hosting companies, our experience gives us the skills to guide our customers through the process of getting on the Web by continually developing new, easy-to-use features and tools that take the difficulty out of creating, promoting and running a website.

Hostway have developed the long-term expertise, cutting-edge tools and superior support infrastructure that their customers depend on for running and maintaining effective, hassle-free working websites. Whether you are a company of one or a hundred, they have a hosting solution suitable for you.

Hostway’s mission is to offer industry-leading web hosting services and tools, allied to superior customer support. Hostway aim to provide you with the online capabilities of larger corporations without the burdensome infrastructure, so that you can broaden your customer reach and achieve your own particular goals online. Open, honest communications with our customers and clear, affordable pricing are distinguishing characteristics of the way they do business.
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Year Established - 2001
Number of Employees - 50
CEO - Neil Barton
Number of Accounts - 400,000 worldwide


Hostway's flexible hosting services feature everything from practical web hosting & Email solutions for Small Businesses, Dedicated Servers, VPS and Private Cloud Managed Hosting Solutions for ultimate redundancy.

  • Domain Names
  • Web Hosting & Email
  • Ecommerce Hosting
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Virtual Private Servers
  • VMware Private Cloud Hosting
  • Load-Balancing
  • Traffic Management

Whether you're launching a Website for the first time, or you're running an established online business - it's important to consider who's going to be behind your Website as your Web hosting provider. You can be confident in choosing Hostway because our reliable technology, expert and patient technical support, and easy-to-use tools will help you build your Web presence and grow your business.

Hostway Data Center

  • Chicago (Global Headquarters)
  • Vancouver
  • Tampa (x2)
  • Austin (x2)
  • London
  • Frankfurt
  • Hannover
  • Seoul
  • Sydney
  • Features
    Hostway's London data centre is located in Harbour Exchange in the docklands area of East London. The data centre comprises 600 m2 of N+1 BS7799 Certified data centre space, within 1km of Telehouse London, the home of LINX (London Internet Exchange).

    Their London building has been custom built for resilience and business continuity and is home to other organizations, for whom environment stability is absolutely paramount.

    The age of their DC equipment varies; all parts are fully serviced and fully redundant, and in most cases, exceed vendor requirements.

    Hostway's current capacity is over 310 Mbps of lit fibre with several Gbps of unlit fibre available to them at short notice, which gives customers the fastest possible connection to data on Hostway's system. Their network is powered by Cisco VXR edge routers and HP switches which are built for a flat network structure to limit risk and distance for data.

    Hostway's uptime guarantee and compensation varies depending on customers' needs. They will work with customers on an individual basis to determine the necessary uptimes and the required resources to guarantee these uptimes. Based on those requirements, Hostway and the customer will reach a mutually agreed upon compensation schedule

    Back-Up Systems
    All Hostway data centres maintain N+1 redundancy, with hot replacement and no single points of failure, which means that should any part of the setup fail, there are more than sufficient resources to keep the entire facility running at full capacity.

    Hostway's power is provided by two 120kva feeds from two different local sub-stations, running through regulatory Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems designed to provide an even flow of power. They also possess their own diesel powered generators, which are maintained and on stand-by as the last line of permanent reserve power.

    Hostway CEO: Neil Barton
    Q. What is the chief distinguishing factor in your Web hosting operation that separates it from the competition?

    A. At Hostway we have built up a global presence on all four continents, which now allows us to practice cutting-edge distributed development programs that combine the skills and competencies of each SBU, and at the same time allows us to pass on real economies of scale to our customers.

    Q. What are the Top 3 elements of your Web hosting company that your customers are most impressed with?

    A. First and foremost as a company, we pride ourselves on customer responsiveness. Our telephone and email response times are amongst the fastest in the hosting industry, and generally speaking, 80% of technical support issues are resolved at the first time of asking.

    From a technical standpoint, our customers also appreciate the enormous investment we make as a group into the Research & Design of our products. Right now for instance we are preparing the launch of a brand new set of management tools and infrastructure - both customer facing and non-customer facing - which are all built on the latest technologies such as Ruby On Rails and the .Net platform, and which we are confident will take our hosting offering to the next level in the eyes new and existing customers.

    Thirdly, I would say that our breadth of experience in terms of what we can offer our customers is also a crucial factor behind customer retention. At Hostway we nurture clients at every stage - whether from small beginnings up to dedicated servers, or from simple development platforms into fully fledged enterprise level requirements that involve more complex management and architecture design - such as load-balancing, bespoke firewall or application monitoring, and NAS/SAN storage.

    Q. If you could change ONE thing about your Web hosting business what would it be?

    A. The constant 24/7 effort certainly takes its toll on our systems and support staff in particular, but this is life in the 24/7 hosting economy and we are not the only type of business that has to think and implement our resources on a constant basis - so I don't think there will ever be any respite! The key to keeping our customers and employees happy of course is to have the processes, people and technology in place that mean we can easily cope.