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Rackspace was founded on the principle that we would be a different kind of company to do business with — focusing on the customer, not just technology.

This principle manifested in our leadership team, who coined the phrase Fanatical Support™ to describe our unique philosophy that guides us to go above and beyond our customers’ expectations. Starting with the CEO, Rackspace leaders embody the strengths that ensure we deliver on our promise.

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Year Established - 1998
Number of Employees - n/a
CEO - Graham Weston
Number of Accounts - n/a


  • Managed
  • Intensive

  • RackSpace Data Center

    Rackspace owns all of its U.S. data centers, two in San Antonio, TX, one in Grapevine, TX and one in Dulles, VA. Rackspace also has three un-owned data centers in the UK.

    Rackspace's 7 data centers were commissioned within the last 6 years and are growing by approximately 50 percent annually, as they are continuously putting new servers and hardware online every day. All Rackspace data centers have UPS and diesel generator backups in an N+1 configuration.

    HVAC Quality and Availability (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) - Target ambient room temperature will be 72 Degrees F in the server area of the data center. Ambient room temperature will not vary by more than +/- 5 degrees. Relative humidity will be targeted for 45% in the server area. Relative humidity will not vary by more than +/- 5%. Rackspace guarantees that the HVAC facilities will provide adequate cooling 100% of the time in a calendar month.

    Rackspace guarantees its Network will be available 100% of the time in a given month, excluding scheduled maintenance.

    Rackspace also guarantees Critical Infrastructure Systems, including power and HVAC will be available 100% of the time in a given month, excluding scheduled maintenance.

    Rackspace guarantees functionality of all hardware components and replacement of any failed component at no cost to the customer. Hardware replacement is guaranteed to be complete within one hour of problem identification. Rackspace's data center network infrastructure is guaranteed to be available 100% of the time in a calendar month. Rackspace guarantees 100% availability of all components of the network infrastructure including switches, routers, and cabling.

    In the event that Rackspace fails to maintain 100% availability of network device(s) configured for high-availability and such failure directly and adversely affects a customer's hosted configuration, Rackspace will refund the customer 5% of the monthly fee per half-hour of down time (up to 100% of customer's monthly recurring fee) for the affected component(s).

    In the event of failure of a non-redundant network device (i.e. a device not configured for high availability) which causes an outage in a customer's hosted configuration, Rackspace guarantees the device will be repaired or replaced within one hour of the problem identification by Rackspace.

    If there is a SAN failure, Rackspace will repair the SAN within one hour of the time that the cause of the problem is identified.

    Back-Up Systems
    Power Availability - A/C Power systems in the data center are designed to run uninterrupted, including during a utility power outage. A/C power to the outbound port on a customer's serving power distribution unit (PDU) is guaranteed to be available 100% of the time in a calendar month.

    RackSpace CEO: Graham Weston
    Q. What is the chief distinguishing factor in your Web hosting operation that separates it from the competition?

    A. Fanatical Support™ - Fanatical Support is Rackspace's customer service philosophy, which means going beyond what is acceptable customer service to what is exceptional, and at times, even pushing beyond the exceptional to the inspired.

    One key element of Fanatical Support is live, 24/7/365 support - there are no automated voice systems, but rather live Rackspace technicians who volunteer to do great work, every day.

    Q. What are the Top 3 elements of your Web hosting company that your customers are most impressed with?

    A. Fanatical Support, 100 percent network uptime guarantee, GREAT Employees.

    Q. If you could change ONE thing about your Web hosting business what would it be?

    A. The one thing I would change about the IT industry in general is their lack of focus on serving the customer. Some of our competitors' service delivery has given the technology industry a bad name. Customers need their managed hosting providers to remove the hassles and provide real value - not technical arrogance. Fanatical Support permeates every part of our business, and we attribute a great deal of Rackspace's success to this service focus.